Sunday, April 8, 2012 0.3.0 rc3 released!

With pleasure the third release candidate of 0.3.0 has been released. If no new major show-stoppers are encountered this release will become the official 0.3.0 version after a period of testing.

Since the previous release candidate several issues have been addressed
  • The clipping of building elements behaves much better now, especially if a polygonal boundary of the clipping volume coincides with faces of the first operand solid.
  • Bugs have been fixed in the processing of mapped representations, trimmed curves and connected faces sets.
  • IfcBlender has been updated for compatibility with Blender 2.62. Furthermore, hidden elements in the 3d View are now hidden in the Render as well.
  • IfcOpenShell now warns if entities with the same GlobalId or id are encountered.
  • A major performance issue has been addressed by only sewing faces of IfcConnectedFaceSets when they are needed for Boolean operations.
  • We now have automated visual test cases!
Very interesting for us to witness has been the development of the IFC importer for FreeCAD that uses IfcOpenShell as a fall-back for their customly developed importer. Because both FreeCAD and IfcOpenShell are based on Open Cascade the level of integration between FreeCAD and IfcOpenShell could be much deeper than it is currently the case with the importers for 3ds Max and Blender!

Furthermore we would like to congratulate the talented BIMserver team with their upcoming 1.1 release. It is a pleasure working with you to provide an open source IFC geometry engine for the BIMserver. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

The release can be downloaded from the website:
Enjoy! And remember that IfcOpenShell still needs your help!

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